Q: Why are E3 Units your best choice for a uninterruptible power supply?

A: E3 Generators are available in a range of sizes, fuel sources, and output. Professional and field tested engineering has produced a system with an unrivalled ease of use. Operation is simple and non-technical. Maintenance needs have been made trivial or eliminated altogether. A modular design means contingencies and emergent needs can be accommodated easily. E3’s compartmentalized framework adapts to changes without introducing unfamiliar procedures or the complexity of discreet components.

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Q: Why is water part of the system?

A: Power and water are linked. Remote locations and emergent conditions call on these pillars of support first. They address pressing human needs, becoming the foundation for subsequent support. Consolidating these vital services is sensible and strategic. Good planning foresees cascading failures, and a compromised power grid makes public water vulnerable. The effects of power loss are immediate, but water contamination is the long-term threat to health. The patented E3 system runs continuously, supplying pure water. The need for water varies with circumstance. However, the need to provide capacity for water is constant and mission critical.

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Q: What are the options? How much do I need to know and can I change my mind?

A: Your needs drive this process. Sometimes the needs are specific and known. Other situations require on-site flexibility to meet changing needs. E3 units are modular, configurable and adaptable before and after sale and deployment. All accommodate a variety of capacities, outputs, load-outs, and budgets.

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