E3PW Utility System


Ready for delivery

Our full-featured unit, with most option standard.


Power with storage

designed to be stacked in 20′ or 40′ length.

Airlite Modules

Air Liftable

Modular units designed to be deliverable anywhere.

E3PW Deluxe Features

Extremely rugged frame, and panelling work with sturdy anchor points to keep the unit conditions.

  • Engineered building design
  • 4″ Tube bi-lateral pick up ends
  • 360 Degree rotation table for satellite on roof
  • Thermostat controlled shutters in engine room
  • Heavy duty lockable door latches and hinges
  • Eyebrow style rain guards over all doors
  • Sound attenuation insulation in engine room
  • Sloped roof
  • 6 Point skid tie down system

Electrical Features

Our electrical design predicts harsh conditions with measures to keep outlets safe dry and clean. With a short primer and our inclusive graphical quick start guide the system can be managed casually and non -technically

  • Engineered electrical design
  • 3 Emergency solar (led) lights with auto charger controler 4 to 8 hour run time
  • 2 Auto entry lighting controllers
  • Receptacle service door
  • Main distibution panel (mdp) (480 volt)
  • Transformer shock pads
  • Weather guard covers on electrical outlets
  • Upgraded electrical outlets and switches, industrial grade 20 amp gfi

Water Features

We have made water output easy. Filling demand for water can be unexpectedly stressfull on systems and on people. We understand where the pain points are and made valves and spigots simple to access, operate and maintain.

  • Electric fire reel with 180′ fire hose
  • 2050 Gallons fresh water tank
  • 5 Horsepower variable frequency drive water pump
  • 8 Frost free drain valves
  • Sonic water level controller with low level alarm
  • Additional water tank hookup
  • Water tank fill hookup with air vent system
  • Heat traced water lines
  • 300# Tested water lines inside of unit
  • 3 Point tie down system for water tank
  • Quick disconnect hoses on water tank

Generator Features

The heart of the system is powerful and can be called upon for strong , steady performance when the need arises. Just as important—it’s designed for quick start operation after long periods of dormancy. Heat shields, baffling , secure mounts and a ample muffler make operations quiet and unobtrusive.

  • Engineered and function tested
  • (2) 35-150 Kilowatt generators
  • 211 Gallon self cleaning fuel cell
  • Exhaust heat shield wrap
  • Stainless steel braided fuel lines
  • Climate controller engine room
  • Wi-fi system for ecm controllers
  • Over speed protection system in ecm
  • Engine block heater
  • Fork lift pockets on generator skid
  • Upgraded multi-wing radiator fan
  • Deep sump 15 qt oil pan
  • Hospital grade muffler system with spark arrestor
  • Heavy duty motor mounts